Systems and Control (cs.SY) and Optimization and Control (math.OC) Sections of arXiv

The CSS publications—IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control, IEEE Transactions on Control Systems Technology, IEEE Transactions on Control of  Network Systems and IEEE Control Systems Magazine—are leading sources of information for control systems professionals worldwide. The value that our editorial boards add in terms of peer review is probably at an all-time high. Nevertheless, the World Wide Web and the Internet have facilitated the growth of radically new ways of disseminating knowledge.

To this end, the IEEE Control Systems Society has taken steps to help its members to take advantage of e-print publications on arXiv. A "Systems and Control" section (cs.SY) of the Computing Research Repository (CoRR) of the arXiv has recently been created. This section complements an earlier "Optimization and Control" section (math.OC) under the Math Repository of the arXiv. Synergies between the two categories are emphasized and cross-links between cs.SY and math.OC are often added.

The moderators of both sections are currently

Marco Lovera
Roberto Tempo
Yuan Wang

Further details regarding this activity, submission statistics and policy are available at and

Detailed instructions on submitting, replacing and withdrawing an article can be found at the help site of arXiv, under "Submission and Revision"

Note that in order to submit a paper to the cs.SY category with a cross-link to math.OC, or a paper to the math.OC category with a cross-link to cs.SY, you have to include both "cs" and "math" under "Groups that you'd like to submit to" in your registration. If you have registered with only one group, you can easily add another group by clicking the option "Change User Information" through "My Account" after logging in.

To add a cross list to a past submission to arXiv, go to your user page on arXiv, where you may see a list of your past submissions.  You may then add a cross list for each of your submissions by clicking the option of  "Cross".