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There are over 70 Control Systems Society Chapters around the world.

General information on how to run a Chapter can be found at "Society and Technical Council Chapters":

Members interested in creating a new chapter should check the page, "How to Create a New IEEE Chapter" for instructions:

Two special programs have been established for Chapters. The LASS Program and the Distinguished Lecturers Program.

Chapters of the CSS

To better serve the needs for technical interaction of its global membership CSS has established a number of chapters in various parts of the world. These chapters provide resources and opportunities for control engineers from a particular geographical area, thus complementing the several CSS activities that have an international scope.

Chapters have considerable autonomy in their operation. Among the popular activities are the following:

•    Holding regular meetings allowing members to meet each other and network.
•    Contributing and disseminating "best practices." Dissemination can be done via a Web site, for example, thereby allowing interchapter information sharing.
•    Facilitating academic/industry collaboration and soliciting local government/academic support of chapter activities.
•    Creating and maintaining a chapter meeting database/speakers bureau with the names of speakers, topics, and other searchable data.
•    Organizing joint meetings between chapters and other entities, such as national societies outside the U.S., chapters from other IEEE societies, and other proximate CSS chapters.
•    Identifying technical needs of chapter members through survey and interviews.
•    Arranging seminars by high-profile speakers on topics of broad interest.

CSS can provide financial assistance for several types of chapter activities. We note two examples here:

•    The "Local Area Support System" (LASS) program provides support for a maximum of one event per local chapter per year by offsetting justifiable expenses incurred by the organizers to a maximum of U.S. $1,000 per event. Approval for such events must be granted by the Vice President for Member Activities prior to the event.
•    Through the Distinguished Lecturer program, a local chapter and CSS share reimbursement of travel expenses incurred by a lecturer invited by the chapter. CSS can reimburse a maximum of U.S. $1000 for travel within a continent and U.S. $2,000 for intercontinental travel, subject to approval by the Vice President for Member Activities.

A list of CSS chapters is available, sorted by IEEE Region, with names and contact information for chapter chairs included. CSS members interested in participating in the activities of chapters in their areas are encouraged to contact the respective chairs.

CSS Chapter Listing

Outstanding Chapter Award 

Description: To recognize an outstanding Chapter of the Control Systems Society

Basis for Judging: Level of activity, based on number and types of activities; Innovations, based on developing clever ways to promote new activities or services; Revitalizing and existing Chapter or starting a new one. 

The Outstanding Chapter Award is selected each year in confidential voting by the members of the Member Activities Board. The Award consists of a grant of $1,000 U.S. to subsidize travel to attend the CDC Awards Banquet, where a plaque is presented. In addition, the local chapter also receives another $1,000 to subsidize its activities.


Past Recipients of the IEEE CSS Outstanding Chapter Award

2015 Outstanding CSS Chapter Award
Malaysia Section Chapter of the IEEE CSS
Mohd Nasir Taib (Chair)

2014 Outstanding CSS Chapter Award
Islamabad Lahore Karachi Joint Sections Chapter
Muhammad Aamer Iqbal Bhatti (Chair)

2013 Outstanding CSS Chapter Award
Argentina Joint Chapter
Diego Alonso (Chair)

2012 Outstanding CSS Chapter Award
Buffalo Chapter
Norman E. Schweitzer (Chair)

2011 Outstanding CSS Chapter Award
Malaysia Chapter
Mohd Nasir Taib (Chair)

2010 Outstanding CSS Chapter Award
Montreal Chapter
Kaveh Moezzi Madani (Chair)

2009 Outstanding CSS Chapter Award
Bulgaria Chapter
Vladimir S. Jotsov (Chair)

2008 Outstanding CSS Chapter Award
Singapore Chapter
Jianliang Wang (Chair)

2007 Outstanding CSS Chapter Award
Japan Chapter
Kenko Uchida (Chair)

2006 Outstanding CSS Chapter Award
United Kingdom - Republic of Ireland Control Chapter
James F. Whidborne (Chair)

2005 Outstanding CSS Chapter Award
Singapore Chapter
Youyi Wang (Chair)

2004 Outstanding CSS Chapter Award
Queensland Joint Societies CSS/R&A Chapter
Ljubo Vlasic (Chair)

2003 Outstanding CSS Chapter Award
Greece Chapter
Robert E. King (Chair)

2002 Outstanding CSS Chapter Award
Bulgaria Chapter
Vassil S. Sgurev (Chair)

2001 Outstanding CSS Chapter Award
Vancouver Chapter
Mihai Huzmezan (Chair)

2000 Outstanding CSS Chapter Award
The Santa Clara Valley Chapter
Ernesto Moralez, III (Chair)

1999 Outstanding CSS Chapter Award
Argentina Chapter
Maria Ines Valla (Chair)

1998 Outstanding CSS Chapter Award
Vancouver Chapter

1997 Outstanding CSS Chapter Award
Greece Chapter
Manolis Christodoulou (Chair)

1996 Outstanding CSS Chapter Award
No award was given.

1995 Outstanding CSS Chapter Award
Beijing Chapter, PRC
Jianqin Mao (Chair)