Control Systems Society Outreach Fund

The IEEE CSS Outreach Task Force is pleased to announce that the window for proposal submission to the CSS Outreach Fund for its 2019 spring solicitation will be held from May 1 to 24, 2019.    Inquiries, notices of intent, and requests for application forms must be made directly to Daniel E. Rivera, Outreach Task Force Chair, at

Overview presentation of the CSS Outreach Fund (made during the 2017 IEEE Sections Congress in Sydney, Australia, Aug. 13, 2017).

Video presentation of the CSS Outreach Fund (10 mins duration, made during the 2017 IEEE Sections Congress).

Past and Present Outreach Fund Projects

Outreach Fund Objectives

The IEEE Control Systems Society (CSS) Outreach Fund provides financial resources for projects that will benefit CSS and the controls community in general.

Examples of projects that we can support include (not an exhaustive list):

  • Outreach activities for pre-university students and teachers
  • Outreach activities for developing nations
  • Promotional materials for CSS or the field
  • Workshops on control-related topics
  • CSS membership drives

Funding for the Outreach Fund will be allocated on a year-to-year basis and the budget for each year will depend on the Society’s finances and member interest in this program.

The Outreach Fund is managed by a committee of 5 – 7 members, headed by the chair of the CSS Task Force on Outreach (as appointed by the CSS Board of Governors).  

Process for Proposing Projects

CSS members who are interested in proposing projects are asked to contact the chair of the Outreach Fund directly for guidance.  The chair and other committee members will help proposers develop a project proposal that will then be reviewed by the committee.  The review and decision process will take place in spring and fall and awarded projects will be authorized starting early summer and the beginning of the following year (respectively).  Interested members should contact the chair as soon as possible so that sufficient time is available to address any issues identified and to develop an effective proposal.

General Guidance

The Outreach Fund can be used to support students, to support administrative or support staff, and for material expenditures (including subcontracts) and travel.  The Fund cannot be used for salaries of working professionals in the field, including faculty and researchers in industry.  The Fund cannot directly support any for-profit activity.  Proposals to fund scientific research will not be considered.

In some cases contracts may need to be executed with IEEE before projects can be initiated.  IEEE guidelines and requirements for contracts must be satisfied in these cases.  The Outreach Fund committee will work with proposers to facilitate and expedite this process.

For Further Information...

Please contact the chair of the CSS Task Force on Outreach.