May 2019 E-Letter

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May 2019
E-Letter on Systems, Control, and Signal Processing
Issue 369
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Ahmad F. Taha
Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering
The University of Texas at San Antonio
1 UTSA Circle,
San Antonio, TX 78249
Welcome to Issue 369 of the CSS E-letter. 
The next E-Letter will be mailed out at the beginning of June 2019.
1. IEEE CSS Headlines
1.1 Call for Nominations: Roberto Tempo Best CDC Paper Award
1.2 IEEE CSS Outreach Fund
1.3 CSS Technically Cosponsored Events
1.4 IEEE Control Systems Society Publications Content Digest
1.5 IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control
1.6 IEEE Transactions on Control Systems Technology
2. Miscellaneous
2.1 Summer School: Practical Signal and System Modeling for Health, Italy
2.2 Online Seminar: Maria Prandini at USF FoRCE
2.3 Online Seminar: Anuradha Annaswamy at USF FoRCE
2.4 Call for Nominations: 2019 DaveWard Memorial Lecture Award
3. Books
3.1 Control of Wave and Beam PDEs
3.2 Dynamic Programming for Impulse Feedback and Fast Controls
3.3 Networked Control Systems: Cloud Control and Secure Control
3.4 A Relaxation-Based Approach to Optimal Control of Hybrid Systems
4. Journals
4.1 CFP: Machine Learning and Dynamical Systems in Physica D
4.2 CFP: Special Issue of the Open Access journal Processes
4.3 CFP: Control Theory and Technology
4.4 CFP: AIAA Journal of Aerospace Information Systems
4.5 Asian Journal of Control
4.6 Evolution Equations and Control Theory
4.7 IEEE/CAA Journal of Automatica Sinica
4.8 Systems and Control Letters
4.9 Control Theory and Technology
4.10 International Journal of Control, Automation, and Systems
4.11 IMA Journal of Mathmatical Control and Information
4.12 IET Control Theory and Applications
4.13 International Journal of Control
5. Conferences & Workshops
5.1 Conference on System Theory, Control and Computing, Romania
5.2 IEEE Connected and Automated Vehicles Symposium, USA
5.3 InternationalWorkshop on Human-Friendly Robotics, Italy
5.4 EuropeanWorkshop on Advanced Control and Diagnosis, Italy
5.5 Workshop on Collaboration Control & Planning for Unmanned Systems, USA
5.6 SIAM Conference on Control and Its Applications, China
5.7 IEEE Connected and Automated Vehicles Symposium, USA
5.8 International Conference on Systems and Control, Morocco
5.9 International Conference on System Theory, Control and Computing, Romania
5.10 Indian Control Conference, India
5.11 International Conference on Control, Automation and Systems, South Korea
6. Positions
6.1 PhD: GIPSA-Lab, Grenoble, France
6.2 PhD: CEA Grenoble, France
6.3 PhD: Kiel University and Universitat Bremen/Jacobs University, Germany
6.4 PhD: GEOMAR Kiel University, Germany
6.5 PhD: University of Luxembourg, Luxembourg
6.6 PhD: The University of Sheffield, UK
6.7 PhD: Universite Grenoble Alpes, France
6.8 PhD: Halmstad University, Sweden
6.9 PhD: Laboratory of Signals and Systems, Paris-Saclay, France
6.10 PhD: University of Limerick, Ireland
6.11 PhD: Tallinn University of Technology, Estonia
6.12 PhD: University of Stuttgart, Germany
6.13 PhD: Ecole Nationale Superieure de Techniques Avancees de Bretagne, France
6.14 PhD/Postdoc: Lund University, Sweden
6.15 PhD/Postdoc: University of California, Riverside, USA
6.16 PhD/Postdoc: University of Seville, Spain
6.17 Postdoc: TESL@UVM, USA
6.18 Postdoc: University of Kansas, USA
6.19 Postdoc: GIPSA-Lab, Grenoble, France
6.20 Postdoc: University of Minnesota, USA
6.21 Postdoc: University of Minnesota, USA
6.22 Postdoc: University of Minnesota, USA
6.23 Postdoc: TU Delft, The Netherlands
6.24 Postdoc: Universidad Tecnica Federico Santa Maria, Chile
6.25 Postdoc: Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden
6.26 Postdoc: Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden
6.27 Postdoc: University of Groningen, The Netherlands
6.28 Researcher: University of Limerick, Ireland
6.29 Researcher: University of Limerick, Ireland
6.30 Researcher: University of New South Wales, Australia
6.31 Control Engineer: WECORP, UK
6.32 Research Scientist: Max Planck Institute Stuttgart, Germany
6.33 Faculty: Otto-von-Guericke University Magdeburg, Germany
6.34 Faculty: KU Leuven, Belgium
6.35 Faculty: Curtin University and Cisco, Australia
6.36 Faculty: Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands
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