Award for Technical Excellence in Aerospace Control

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The award will be given annually to a person or team of people that performed an aerospace control engineering activity during the previous 36 months that demonstrates excellence and significant results with demonstrated impact. Examples of results evidence are either a paper appearing in an IEEE publication that specifically addresses aerospace controls issues, or a patent application or award that significantly advances the state-of-the-art in aerospace controls. Innovative products that have appeared on the marketplace will also be considered. The award is similar to the outstanding paper awards for the CSS transactions and magazine in the sense that it recognizes an outstanding paper or patented idea as opposed to cumulative contributions over a career. 

Award Information
Certificate laminated on a Plaque, plus up to $500 towards expenses for travel to accept the award. If the prize is awarded to a group, each group member will receive a certificate and one individual will receive travel reimbursement.
The award will be funded by an endowment managed by the IEEE Foundation. The annual income from the fund will be used to fund the award in perpetuity. The total amount of the prize (travel plus plaque) shall not exceed the amount paid out by the endowment in a given year.
The award will be presented at the Society Awards Ceremony held during the annual IEEE Conference on Decision & Control.
CSS membership is required. Any aerospace control engineering activity and results that occurred in the 36 months previous to the award nomination submittal deadline is eligible.
Basis for Judgement: 
Contributions (for instance, papers, products, prototypes and /or patents) will be judged on the following criteria: Originality of technical innovation, Significance/relevance to the aerospace community, Clear description of the aerospace application, Potential impact on the practice of aerospace engineering.
Award Nomination
Nomination Deadline: 
May 15 of each year.

A nomination letter and up to 4 additional supporting letters (maximum of 5 letters) describing the outstanding contribution to aerospace control should be submitted on the IEEE CSS Awards nomination system, by May 15. Please download the nomination form and follow the instructions

Award Recipients

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For outstanding contributions in control theory and transitions to aerospace applications.
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For pioneering innovations in adaptive control and its application to aerospace systems.
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For contributions to the flight demonstration of the Phantom Eye high altitude long endurance UAV using robust adaptive control.