2016 Award Recipients

The IEEE Control Systems Society presents several awards annually for technical achievements in the areas of interest to the Society, as well as awards for service to the Society.

IEEE Control Systems Award

Arthur J. Krener, Naval Postgraduate School 

for contributions to the analysis, control, and estimation of nonlinear control systems. 

Outstanding Chapter Award

IEEE CSS Uttar Pradesh Chapter 

Ramesh K. Tripathi, Chapter Chair

Distinguished Member Award

Anurhada Annaswamy
Mathukumalli Vidyasagar

CDC Best Student-Paper Award Finalists

Philip N. Brown, for a paper entitled “Avoiding Perverse Incentives in Affine Congestion Games” by Philip Brown and Jason Marden

Junjie Qin, for a paper entitled “Submodularity of Energy Storage Placement in Power Networks” by Junjie Qin, Insoon Yang and Ram Rajagopal

Rabih Salhab, for a paper entitled “A Dynamic Collective Choice Model With An Advertiser” by Rabih Salhab, Roland P. Malhame and Jerome Le Ny

Xiang Yin, for a paper entitled “On the Maximally-Permissive Range Control Problem in Partially-Observed Discrete Event Systems”, by Xiang Yin and Stephane Lafortune

Congratulations to Rabih Salhab, the winner for 2016 who was selected as the winner for the 2016 CDC Best Student Paper Award. 

MSC Best Student-Paper Award Finalists 

Thomas Morstyn, for a paper entitled, "Distributed Sliding Mode Control for Multi-Module Battery Energy Storage System State of Charge Balancing" by Thomas Morstyn, Andrey V. Savkin, Branislav Hredzak and Vassilios G. Agelidis

Guillermo P. Falconi, for a paper entitled, "Fault Tolerant Control for a Hexarotor System using Incremental Backstepping" by Guillermo P. Falconi, Valentin A. Marvakov and Florian Holzapfel

Congratulations to Guillermo Falconi who was selected as the winner of the 2016 MSC Best Student-Paper Award.

CSM Outstanding Paper Award

J. Ringwood,  G. Bacelli, and F. Fusco. "Energy-Maximizing Control of Wave-Energy Converters: The Development of  Control System Technology to Optimize Their Operation," IEEE Control Systems Magazine, Vol. 34, No. 5, pages 30-55, Oct. 2014. http://dx.doi.org/10.1109/MCS.2014.2333253  

TCST Outstanding Paper Award

Clément Dextreit and Ilya Kolmanovsky, "Game Theory Controller for Hybrid Electric Vehicles,” IEEE Transactions on Control Systems Technology, Vol. 22, No. 2, pp. 652-663, March 2014.

George S. Axelby Outstanding Paper Award

Peyman Mohajerin Esfahani, Tobias Sutter, and John Lygeros, “Performance Bounds for the Scenario Approach and an Extension to a Class of Non-Convex Programs,” IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control, Vol. 60, No. 1, pp 46-58, 2015.

TCNS Outstanding Paper Award

Fabio Pasqualetti, Sandro Zampieri and Francesco Bullo, “Controllability Metrics, Limitations and Algorithms for Complex Networks,” IEEE Transaction on Control of Network Systems, Vol. 1, N0. 1, pp. 40-52, 2014.

Control Systems Technology Award

Aaron Knobloch, Anna Stefenopoulos, Dyche Anderson, Jason Karp, Christopher Kapusta and Jason B. Siegel

"For the development of an advanced battery management system accounting for electro-thermo-mechanical phenomena."

Antonio Ruberti Young Researcher Prize

Yasamin Mostofi, University of California, Santa Barbara

for contributions to the fundamentals of communications and control co-optimization in mobile sensor networks.

Hendrik W. Bode Lecture Prize

Richard M. Murray, Cal Tech, Pasedena, CA

for contributions to the theory of networked control systems and its applications to systems biology.

CSS Transition to Practice Award

Bob Bitmead

for advanced control applications in a range of industry sectors where each has involved innovation in theory to achieve the practical outcome. 

IEEE Fellows for 2016

Evaluated by CSS:

Massoud Amin
for leadership in smart grids and security of critical infrastructures

B Wayne Bequette
for contributions to design and control of chemical and biomedical systems

Francesco Borrelli
for contributions to the theory and applications of model predictive control

Michael Branicky
for contributions to switched and hybrid control systems

Carlos Canudas de Wit
for contributions to modeling and control of mechanical, robotic, and networked systems

Warren Dixon
for contributions to adaptive control of uncertain nonlinear systems

Thor Fossen
for contributions to modelling and controlling of marine crafts

Masayuki Fujita
for contributions to passivity-based control in robotics and robust control

Maurice Heemels
for contributions to analysis and design of hybrid, networked, and event-triggered systems

Eugene Lavretsky
for contributions to the development of adaptive and robust flight control technologies

Pablo Parrilo
for contributions to semidefinite and sum-of-squares optimization

Wei Ren
for contributions to distributed coordination and control of multiagent systems

Liang-Liang Xie
for contributions to fundamental limits of feedback control systems and wireless networks

Luca Zaccarian
for contributions to the development and application of nonlinear and hybrid control systems

Evaluated by other Societies:

Jinde Cao
for contributions to the analysis of neural networks

Jagannathan Sarangapani
for contributions to nonlinear discrete-time neural network adaptive control and applications

Yixin Diao
for contributions to modeling, optimization, and control of computing systems

Sudip Mazumder
for contributions to analysis and control of power electronics systems

Domenico Prattichizzo
for contributions to haptics and multi-fingered robotic hands

Zhiwu Li
for contributions to Petri nets and their applications to automated manufacturing systems